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Personal injuries are traumatic events that can force you to change every part of your life. While they involve physical injuries that sometimes require extensive medical care, they may also inflict severe emotional harm that makes it difficult to enjoy life to its fullest. Additionally, these injuries may require you to miss significant time at work and leave you struggling to support your family.

If you can show that another person or company was responsible for an incident that resulted in these losses, you can demand the compensation that you need to make things right. A Woodbridge personal injury lawyer is ready to explore the cause of your losses and place the liability directly on the shoulders of the at-fault parties. Reach out to the trusted team at Fredson Statmore Bitterman, LLC to begin reviewing the details of your case during an initial consultation.

Examples of Incidents Where a Personal Injury Lawsuit May Be Appropriate

Personal injuries can result from a variety of incidents. People who do little more than go about their daily routines are still at risk of suffering these injuries because of the carelessness or poor decisions of others. Prominent examples of events that may lead to personal injuries include:

While there may be no doubt that an injury was the result of one of these events, injured people still bear the burden of proving that another person was responsible for the incident. Our Woodbridge personal injury attorneys work to obtain the evidence needed to build powerful cases against at-fault parties that create a legal link between their behavior and an injured person’s damages.

Statute of Limitations

It is crucial that an attorney gets to work quickly building these cases. New Jersey Revised Statute § 2A:58C-2 states that many victims of personal injuries have only two years from the date of an incident to demand compensation for their losses. In some instances, this time frame could be even shorter. Reaching out to a lawyer now gives them the best chance of providing effective help within the statute of limitations.

Seeking Fair Compensation on Behalf of Injured Individuals

A party who is at fault for an accident due to their negligence has a responsibility under the law to provide full compensation to injured parties. Even so, an injured person must be able to show how the event has impacted their life.

A personal injury case always revolves around the physical injuries that result from the incident. These may be temporary losses that require only an ambulance ride and a trip to the ER. In other cases, they are life-long injuries from which a person will never fully heal, including spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, amputations, and even death. A defendant found liable for an incident must pay for all past and future medical care.

Additionally, our Woodbridge personal injury attorneys recognize that many incidents have an impact on other parts of a person’s life. This can include reductions in emotional health, lost wages due to inability to return to work, and even property damage. Our team strives to collect the compensation needed to cover the full extent of a person’s economic and non-economic losses.

Reach Out to a Woodbridge Personal Injury Attorney for Skilled Guidance

Anyone who suffers injuries because of the actions of others deserves full compensation. Still, the injured party bears the burden of proving fault for an event and connecting their losses to the incident.

Our Woodbridge personal injury lawyers are ready to help. We will take every needed step to establish liability for an accident and seek out the payments you deserve. Give Fredson Statmore Bitterman, LLC a call now to get started.