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When you purchase toys, appliances, furniture, and other items for yourself and your family, you expect them to be safe. Manufacturers should ensure their products are not a risk to consumers, and retailers should not market or sell dangerous products. Unfortunately, hazardous products make their way into unsuspecting consumers’ hands every day. While many people avoid injuries, not everyone is as lucky. Some consumers experience life-altering injuries from using a defective product.

When you suspect a faulty product hurt you or your loved ones, you might be entitled to collect damages in a personal injury lawsuit. With a free consultation from Fredson Statmore Bitterman, LLC, a Woodbridge defective products lawyer can offer you knowledgeable legal guidance and advice.

What Should Someone Do When a Hazardous Product Harms Them?

After getting over the initial shock, there are certain steps people should follow that could help protect their health and legal rights.

Get a Medical Evaluation

A doctor can thoroughly examine an injured consumer and treat their injuries. In addition, the doctor’s examination records serve as evidence documenting the extent of the injuries and linking them to the dangerous product.

Keep the Product

When something harms somebody, their first instinct is to get rid of it. They might not even want to look at any part of that product that harmed them or their loved one. However, they should keep the product, including the packaging, inserts, manual, and operating instructions. If they get rid of the product or any parts, they might not be able to use it as evidence when they later decide to bring a legal claim.

Keep a Personal Record

After returning home from their initial doctor’s appointment, an injured consumer should keep a personal record. This includes a written tally of all of their bills and expenses resulting from the injuries. They also should write down specific notes about their injuries, detailing the impact the injuries have had on their life. For instance, they should record information on forced time away from work or from activities they enjoy participating in. They should also write down information about their mental state and whether they have become depressed or anxious.

Finally, speaking with a well-informed Woodbridge defective products attorney as soon as possible can help build a solid legal claim for compensation.

Potential Liable Parties in a Defective Products Claim

Lawsuits involving faulty products often have several potential defendants:


Companies that design and build consumer products must ensure their products are reasonably safe. They need to clearly tell consumers about any risks associated with the product. When a manufacturer makes a product or a part for a product that harms someone, they could be liable.


When a store knowingly sells defective or inherently dangerous products, they could face liability. Retailers need to tell consumers if the product has any potential risks. When they fail to disclose the potential dangers, they could be legally responsible.

Product Installer or Repairer

Some products, such as home appliances, require installation and occasional maintenance. When the installation or maintenance is performed incorrectly, it could alter the product to make it unsafe.

A dedicated legal team can skillfully investigate the accident to determine who could be legally responsible. For more help determining liability for a defective product, speak with an attorney in Woodbridge Township today.

Contact a Woodbridge Defective Products Attorney

Lawsuits involving faulty and hazardous products involve complicated and detailed issues. Working with a local attorney who understands how to interpret complex product manuals and consumer testing reports is critical.

A seasoned Woodbridge defective products lawyer has the necessary experience to get things done. Contact the legal team of Fredson Statmore Bitterman, LLC today for a free consultation and get connected to the help you deserve.