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Expert Testimony in Personal Injury Claims

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One of the most important things regarding the ultimate success of your personal injury claim is the testimony of experts in relevant fields. By presenting a professional and un-biased assessment of certain facts of your case, you can build a much stronger case for yourself, and a much more solid foundation for the story you are trying to tell.

One of the many advantages to having our firm in your corner during the personal injury claims process is that we regularly consult with experts in a wide variety of fields. As such, we are able to draw upon the often crucial testimony they are able to provide, and seamlessly work their testimony, advice, and opinions into whatever personal injury claim you may be pursuing.

At The Law Office of Fredson Statmore Bitterman, our team of attorneys has extensive experience working with expert witnesses to help our clients recover full and fair compensation and protect their financial future in personal injury claims across New Jersey and Passaic County, including Wayne, Clifton, Paterson, Little Falls, West Milford, and Woodland Park.

Call our office today to discuss your unique needs and concerns when it comes to any kind of accident and injury you or a loved one has suffered, and how we can help you to make a successful recovery in a free and confidential consultation with our attorney team.

What Kind of Expert Testimony Can Be Provided in a Personal Injury Claim?

An expert witness is an individual with special experience, knowledge, and abilities/skills in a particular field. To be heard in a court of law, they must also no personal standing in the case at hand. Courts will generally prohibit testimonies based on opinions or extrapolation beyond the plainly stated facts. This rule does not apply as strictly to expert witnesses testifying within their particular field of expertise.

Expert witnesses are permitted to share analysis and the resulting conclusions if they are able to show that their reasoning is scientifically sound and not based on a biased or otherwise compromised opinion. The value of an expert witness is presenting conclusions based on analysis that is taken as evidence due to their specific expertise. Simply put, expert witnesses are used to lend their credibility to a claim that may otherwise be considered hearsay.

Expert Witnesses Used in Personal Injury Cases

Expert witnesses come from many fields and areas of expertise. Our attorneys work closely with all expert witnesses to the benefit of our clients. Here are a handful which are frequently used in personal injury cases.

  • Medical Doctors. Orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, cardiologists, and internists all may be used as expert witnesses to show both the cause and the extent of injuries
  • Car Accident Reconstructionists. These expert witnesses are helpful in motor vehicle accidents, particularly those which do not have an established cause or may have questions surrounding the specifics of who was liable for the accident
  • Manufacturing and/or construction experts. Industry experts in construction, manufacturing, and heavy machinery may all come into play if our clients were injured on the job or have a premises liability claim
  • Vocational Specialists. When an injured person is unable to return to work, vocational specialists can provide expert testimony regarding their suitability for their current job, potential other jobs, or recommend other courses of action

Personal Injury Attorneys Work With Expert Witnesses

It is important to understand that expert witnesses are not only used in court trials. Our Wayne attorneys will often advise seeking settlement for your personal injury claim, and expert witnesses play a vital role in that process as well. If a settlement is reached out of court, expert witness testimony may not go through the same scrutiny as it would from a judge, but it will be just as important in presenting your side of the story.

Expert opinions may also be required in order to gain an accurate estimate of exactly how you need in order to be compensated for your injuries. Professional accountants may be called in to assess the impacts your injuries have had on your ability to work, and medical professionals can provide similar insight when it comes to understanding exactly how much your injuries will cost you in terms of medical treatment and rehabilitation.

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