Car accident with a commercial pick-up truck causing neurological injuries.


Car accident resulting in a
neck injury requiring surgery as well as a traumatic brain injury.


Slip and fall at a retail establishment resulting in a traumatic brain injury.


Pedestrian struck by vehicle resulting in multiple fractures which required multiple surgeries.


Pedestrian struck by a NJ Transit bus resulting in injuries to the knee and lower back requiring multiple surgeries and implementation of a permanent spinal cord stimulator.


For neck and back injuries requiring multiple pain management procedures and a fusion surgery.


Construction site accident of roofer who fell 30 feet causing fractures to both the wrist and elbow requiring multiple surgeries.


Amusement park accident causing a severe fracture and resulting compartment syndrome to the leg requiring multiple surgeries.


Car accident on Garden State Parkway causing a traumatic brain injury and multiple facial fractures.


Car accident resulting in a low back injury requiring fusion surgery.


Trucking accident causing neck and lower back injuries requiring a spinal fusion surgery.


Car accident resulting in multiple pain management injections and lumbar fusion surgery.


Head on motor vehicle collision causing mild traumatic brain injury, post-concussive syndrome and injury to the low back and knees requiring surgery.


Trucking accident resulting in neck and back injuries and multiple surgeries.


Car accident resulting in multiple injuries including neck and knee surgeries.


Trucking accident causing a lower back disc herniation requiring surgery.


Drunk driving accident causing a traumatic brain injury.


Accident while boarding a NJ Transit bus causing a leg injury.


Car accident causing neck and back injuries requiring two years of chiropractic treatment and one epidural injection.


Pedestrian whose car broke down killed on the Garden State Parkway by another vehicle that swerved off the roadway.


Pedestrian struck by car while working at car wash causing crush injury to the leg.


Work related accident involving an exploding butane canister causing severe burns.


Car accident causing neck, lower back and hip injury requiring a full hip replacement.


Fall on uneven pavement causing significant tendon and ligament damage requiring surgical procedures.


Trip and fall at a multi-family residence resulting in a foot injury which required partial amputation.


Tavern served alcohol to a customer while he was visibly intoxicated, resulting in severe injuries when he was later struck by an automobile crossing the street.


Motorcycle accident causing wrist and elbow injuries resulting in multiple surgeries


Loading dock accident causing a crush injury to the hand.


Drunk driving accident causing fractures to the neck and leg.


Car accident with a FedEx truck causing shoulder and lower back injuries requiring two surgeries.


Work related slip and fall accident causing lower back injury with surgery.


Freight elevator accident causing crush injury to foot.


Trucking accident causing dislocated knee requiring surgery.


Car accident causing neck injury and requiring surgery.


Slip and fall on snow and ice causing neck and lower back injury requiring surgery.


Car accident causing jaw, neck and lower back injury.


Machine accident causing crush injury to the hand.


Pedestrian struck by truck causing shoulder and knee tears and surgical procedures.


Slip and fall at apartment complex causing leg injury requiring surgery.