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Bike riding is a great form of exercise and recreation. It allows you to chat with your friends while getting in a great workout. Biking can also be a fun and easy way to commute around the city. Plus, you save money on gas and parking.

However, bikes and cars do not always mix well together. Accidents occasionally occur when bike riders need to share the streets with cars, trucks, and buses.

When a bike wreck injures you or a loved one, you might have grounds to file a personal injury claim against the responsible party. To get started, a Woodbridge bicycle accident lawyer can help you investigate your legal options.

Assigning Fault to the Negligent Parties in a Bike Crash

The person responsible for a bike accident is usually liable due to their negligence. Negligence occurs when a person behaves carelessly or unreasonably. If a court determines a person is negligent in their careless actions or failures to act, that person could be legally liable for the damages they cause.

A motorist who hits a cyclist and causes a crash is often negligent. Some examples of negligent actions by motorists that can cause a bike accident include:

  • Speeding
  • Failure to yield
  • Distracted driving
  • Intoxicated driving
  • Cutting off a cyclist
  • Running stop signs or red lights
  • Careless or dangerous turning or merging
  • Illegal or unsafe passing or lane changing
  • Aggressive driving, such as tailgating or crowding a cyclist
  • Dooring (opening a car door without checking to see if a cyclist is approaching, which can cause a cyclist to fall off their bike and into traffic)

Sometimes, cyclists are partially to blame for accidents, such as when a biker rides the wrong way down a road or does not observe traffic laws. In those situations, a court would closely examine the cyclist’s and driver’s actions to assign percentages of fault. As long as the motorist is more at fault, the cyclist can still collect damages. However, under the modified comparative fault standard, the court would reduce the recovery amount according to the degree of blame.

Understanding shared liability can be complicated, which is why working with an experienced bike accident attorney in Woodbridge is important.

Common Injuries in Bike Crashes

When people drive or ride in cars or trucks, they have some physical barriers to shield them from the impact of a collision. For example, motor vehicles have bumpers, airbags, and steel frames to absorb the crash. Bikers are not as fortunate. Other than a helmet, they have nothing to cushion them, so when a car strikes a bike, the cyclist frequently suffers catastrophic injuries. Broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord damage resulting in paralysis can occur. Soft tissue damage, internal organ trauma, and joint damage are also common. Bike riders also frequently suffer severe scrapes, lacerations, bruises, and burns from hitting the gravel on the road.

A seasoned Woodbridge bicycle accident attorney helps an injured cyclist carefully assess and evaluate all of their injuries. With proper documentation, they can work towards the maximum possible recovery in a legal claim.

Connect With a Woodbridge Bicycle Accident Attorney to File a Claim

Trying to navigate a complex legal claim after a bike crash can be overwhelming. Hiring a knowledgeable local attorney could mean the difference between settling for an insignificant damages award and receiving the compensation that you deserve. Fortunately, a Woodbridge bicycle accident lawyer is available to help you understand the legal process.

At Fredson Statmore Bitterman, LLC our legal team gives you the best of both worlds: the personalized attention you would expect to receive at a small firm, with the resources and results you would expect from a big firm. Contact our law office today for a free consultation!