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When it comes to motor vehicle collisions, motorcyclists are at a disadvantage. They are much more likely to suffer severe injuries or even death than people in closed vehicles due to their lack of protection from their surroundings and other safety features such as seatbelts and airbags. At most, bikers have helmets, gloves, and leather clothing to shield them from harm.

When a car strikes you or your loved one while you are on your motorcycle, you may face a long and challenging road in your recovery. While you work on healing, a Woodbridge motorcycle accident lawyer can help you fight for justice. At Fredson Statmore Bitterman, LLC, our dedicated personal injury attorneys can guide you through the process of filing a claim for compensation.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Wrecks

Many of the same causes for passenger and commercial vehicle crashes also come into play in motorcycle collisions. As with most car accidents, driver error or negligence is often responsible. Some of the most common driving mistakes that lead to motorcycle crashes include:

  • Changing lanes without checking for a motorcycle in a driver’s blind spot
  • Speeding
  • Cell phone use, such as texting or talking
  • Other distractions, like turning to talk to passengers, checking directions on a GPS, changing the radio station, or eating
  • Tailgating
  • Driving while under the influence
  • Making improper turns by not accurately judging the speed or distance of a nearby motorcycle
  • Failure to yield
  • Not compensating for bad weather conditions

Additionally, accidents occasionally happen even when all drivers operate their vehicles responsibly and there are no motorist mistakes. For example, a car with defective brakes could crash into a motorcycle, or a bike with a faulty steering mechanism could cause its rider to veer out of control. Uncleared snow or large potholes in a road could also cause a motorcyclist to wreck.

Our trusted legal team can investigate an accident to determine the cause and who is at fault. Our Woodbridge motorcycle wreck attorneys will carefully review all relevant evidence, including police reports, eyewitness accounts, and medical records. If necessary, they can work with accident reconstruction experts who could help pinpoint the precise cause and who can be held liable for the resulting damages.

Motorcycle Collision Injuries

Motorcycle riders and their passengers can suffer debilitating injuries in collisions with cars and trucks. Although New Jersey requires motorcycle operators and their passengers to wear helmets, that protective gear is not always enough to protect a biker from catastrophic harm. Even a slow-moving car could cause a biker to fall off the bike onto the road, possibly resulting in broken bones, sprains, whiplash, and deep scrapes and cuts.

If a fast-moving car strikes a motorcycle, bikers can suffer life-threatening injuries from being pushed into other cars, trapped under a vehicle, or thrown into the road. Head injuries, spinal injuries, paralysis, and internal organ trauma can occur.

A seasoned Woodbridge attorney can help motorcycle crash survivors evaluate their injuries to ensure their settlement demand adequately covers their physical, financial, and emotional losses.

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After a motorcycle crash, you might be in the hospital for a long time. While you recuperate and cannot work, your medical bills could quickly pile up, and you might find that you have no way to pay them or support your family.

When someone else causes your bike to crash, a Woodbridge motorcycle accident lawyer can help you fight back. Our firm will work tirelessly to pursue the results you need. Talk to our team today.