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Collisions on Woodbridge’s roads remain one of the state’s most common sources of personal injuries. These incidents can cause significant physical harm and may also jeopardize your ability to earn a living or enjoy time spent with loved ones.

A Woodbridge car accident lawyer recognizes that these collisions can majorly impact your life. As a result, our skilled personal injury attorneys are ready to do everything we can to protect your rights under the law and demand that at-fault drivers and their insurance companies provide the compensation you deserve.

Drivers Have an Obligation to Protect Others While Behind the Wheel

Driving a car comes with a duty under the law to operate that vehicle in a way that does not place other people at an unreasonable risk of harm. A motorist may violate this obligation in two main ways.

Violations of the Rules of the Road

Traffic laws in Woodbridge and throughout New Jersey exist to protect all travelers. These include speed limits, prohibitions on texting while driving, and requirements to stop at red lights. A driver who violates these laws and is responsible for a crash must provide compensation to all affected people. A Woodbridge car crash attorney can work to determine whether a police officer issued a ticket for a moving violation related to a collision and see whether this ticket resulted in a conviction. If so, this is strong evidence of fault for a crash.

Collisions Resulting From Carelessness

Just because a driver did not receive a ticket after a collision does not mean that they were not liable for the incident. Every crash is someone’s fault, and injured people can show that another motorist’s inattentiveness or carelessness was the reason for the event.

When pursuing cases under this concept, it is essential to remember the state’s law concerning modified comparative negligence. Under New Jersey Revised Statue § 2A:15-5.1, the court will examine the actions of all people involved in a crash. If the court determines an injured party did not do all they could have done to protect themselves, that court cannot award full compensation.

If the court determines a victim was more than 50% to blame, it cannot award any payment at all. A Woodbridge car accident attorney can help build powerful cases against negligent drivers that leave no question about liability and refute allegations of shared fault.

Handling Auto Collision Cases From Start To Finish

The time following a car crash can be chaotic and confusing. Injured parties may be seeking medical treatment, worrying about how they will pay the bills while out of work, and trying to manage their stress and emotional trauma from the event. This time is also the most critical for finding and preserving evidence needed to establish liability and maximize compensation amounts.

An auto collision attorney in Woodbridge can take the lead in handling all legal aspects of the wreck to allow the injured party time to focus on healing. This includes obtaining evidence about the crash, determining how that event has impacted the injured person’s life, and demanding that drivers and their insurance companies provide fair compensation, also known as damages. Damages often involve payment of medical bills, reimbursement of lost wages, and monetary awards for reductions in quality of life.

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Car crashes are common events that can profoundly impact your life. When another driver is responsible for an incident that results in a physical injury, you have the right to demand full compensation for your losses.

A Woodbridge car accident lawyer is ready to take the lead in your case. Speak with the team at Fredson Statmore Bitterman, LLC to learn more.