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Many Americans enjoy pastimes such as sports, hunting, fishing, swimming, boating, camping, playground activities and more.

However, while sports and other recreational activities are a great way to enjoy free time with loved ones, they can many times also result in an accident and injury. For example, over 200,000 children aged 14 and younger are sent to the emergency room for injuries sustained on playgrounds alone. Three in four of these accidents occur on public property, primarily school or daycare facilities.

When these accidents and injuries are the result of unsafe conditions, poorly maintained equipment, or improperly trained administrators and/or guides, injured parties may be able to recover compensation for their injuries and resulting damages through a personal injury claim.

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Do I have a Recreational Accident Injury Claim?

As a Bloomfield attorney can attest, there are three common scenarios which typically lead to injured parties having a strong case for a recreational accident. These scenarios include:

  • Unsafe Premises Conditions – Many recreational accidents occur on public playgrounds, parks, or other facilities which are not properly cared for. Premises liability laws protect victims from unreasonably dangerous situations such as poorly maintained playground equipment, slippery or worn out floors, and other potentially harmful conditions.
  • Negligent Caretaking – Recreational accidents can also be caused by the negligence of an owner, caretaker, coach, etc. Failure to maintain the premises, or even failure to warn guests of dangerous conditions can often lead to a successful recreational accident injury claim.
  • Faulty Equipment – Finally, broken, poorly maintained, or defective equipment can also lead to a successful personal injury claim. However, depending on circumstances, such a claim may be filed as a premises liability claim against the property’s owner or maintenance staff, or against the manufacturer or designer of the equipment itself through a product liability claim.

Common Recreational Accident Injuries

Recreational accidents range from mundane to life threatening. Whether you or your loved one’s recreational accident injury is minor or very serious, the bottom line is that any injury can be damaging, and easily result in medical expense, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Some of the more common injuries which are caused by sporting and recreational accidents are:

While it is sometimes possible to take preventative measures against many of these injuries, it is not your responsibility to ensure that conditions are safe, or that the equipment you use is properly designed, manufactured, and taken care of. A Bloomfield attorney can help you hold negligent parties accountable after a sporting accident.

What If I Have Been Injured in a Public Park or Forest?

Injury claims for recreational accidents can also vary depending on if the accident took place on private property, or government or public property.

For example, for land declared as State property such as a park or forest, the New Jersey Recreational Use Statute declares that the owner, lessee or occupant does NOT:

  • extend any assurance that the premises, including any natural or man-made conditions, are safe for these purposes;
  • constitute the person to whom access is guaranteed an invitee or licensee to whom a duty of care is owned; or
  • assume responsibility for, or incur liability for, any injury to person or property caused by any act of persons to whom access is guaranteed.”

However, this law does still hold parties liable if there is “willful or malicious failure to guard, or to warn against, a dangerous condition, use, structure or activity.” In other words, if you or a loved one is injured on public land in New Jersey, your rights to seek damages are more limited, but they still exist.

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