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Taking any kind of medication requires a person to weigh the benefits against the potential risks. Even a common, over-the-counter remedy can present with serious side effects if a person takes an excessive dose or if that substance has a dangerous reaction with another drug. As a result, you need to consider both your own needs and your doctor’s advice when choosing to take a medication.

Sadly, drug makers do not always provide proper information about their products. They may fail to disclose potential side effects that result in serious injuries. In other situations, manufacturing or labeling errors can cause changes in chemical composition. When you experience an unexpected injury or illness after taking any kind of medicine, reach out to a Bloomfield dangerous drugs lawyer to find out if you have legal grounds to file a civil claim. Our trusted team of personal injury attorneys can work to demand that the responsible parties provide fair compensation for your losses while giving your case the personal attention it deserves.

Dangerous Drug Cases are Examples of Product Liability

All makers of consumer products have a duty under the law to produce items that are safe for their intended use. Drugmakers are no exception. Whether the product in question is a simple antacid or a powerful form of chemotherapy, every drug must undergo strict testing and design oversight before it becomes available to patients.

Many Cases Rely Upon Design Defects

The most direct way to show a drug maker is liable for an injury is to prove that a design defect resulted in a dangerous drug. According to New Jersey Revised Statutes § 2A:58C-2, injured people may show that an error during the design of a medication resulted in an unsafe product.

Proving Fault Through a Lack of Proper Instructions

Another common way to show fault in a dangerous drug case is to demonstrate that the maker of a product did not provide proper instructions for safe use. These cases can allege that a maker did not provide proper information regarding dosing and potential side effects or even that a product did not contain appropriate identifying information on a bottle. Our Bloomfield dangerous drugs attorneys can help people select the proper legal theory needed to demonstrate drugmaker liability.

Injured Patients Can Demand Full Compensation for Their Losses

Sustaining an injury because of a dangerous drug can throw a person’s entire life into chaos. Some of these medications can inflict serious physical injuries that may require both emergency treatment and long-term rehabilitation. The makers of these substances must provide compensation to cover the costs of all necessary medical care.

In addition, dangerous drug injuries can impact other parts of a person’s present and future. The incident may leave them out of work as well as emotionally damaged with a decreased quality of life. These losses are no less legitimate than physical injuries and form an essential part of any demand for compensation. Talking with our dangerous drug attorneys in Bloomfield can help individuals determine their cases’ true value.

Reach Out to a Bloomfield Dangerous Drugs Attorney Now

The makers of medications are no different than the manufacturers of any other consumer product. The law says that they must produce items that are safe for their intended use. When applied to medications, this means obtaining FDA approval through the submission of accurate data and maintaining strict controls over their manufacturing processes.

When you experience an injury because of a failure in either of these areas, you deserve full compensation for your losses. Speaking with a Bloomfield dangerous drugs lawyer is the first step toward you getting your life back on track. Our team can help you seek the compensation you deserve while you focus on your recovery. Call Fredson Statmore Bitterman, LLC today. We are ready to dedicate the time and resources needed to protect your legal rights.