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As the name suggests, head-on collisions, also referred to as front-end crashes, occur when two vehicles going in opposite directions strike head-on. These types of wrecks are one of the most severe because often, the cars are traveling at high speeds. The force of the impact is typically so great that, in many circumstances, the vehicles get flipped over. Unfortunately, injuries and property damage are usually catastrophic.

When your life is impacted by a front-end accident in Bloomfield or elsewhere in New Jersey, let our highly-trained auto wreck attorneys help you get the compensation you need. Our team can focus on the legal work so you are able to dedicate your energy to healing and recovering. Call as soon as you are able for a free consultation.

Common Injuries in Head-On Collisions

As mentioned above, the sheer impact of Bloomfield head-on car accidents typically leads to catastrophic and even sometimes fatal harm. Some of the most common injuries include:

These injuries often require immediate medical care, surgeries, and many cases, long-term treatment and rehabilitation. Our team can help injured motorists craft a settlement demand that accurately reflects the full extent of their injuries and how they impact their daily life.

Following Up With Medical Care is Crucial

Because injuries can be so severe in these types of car wrecks, seeking initial medical treatment as well as continuing any recommended follow-up care is vital. Some injuries, such as traumatic brain damage, can only be diagnosed by a physician. Other examples of harm, such as internal bleeding, may not show any symptoms at all and can only be appropriately assessed with imaging.

Following up with medical care is also critical in establishing the link between injuries and the crash.

What Causes Front-End Accidents?

One of the leading causes of front-end collisions is being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  When a person is driving impaired, they may swerve over the line into someone else’s lane or run through red lights or stop signs. Other contributing factors include distracted driving, such as texting or talking on the phone, and driving while tired, which could result in falling asleep at the wheel.

How Is Fault Assigned After a Front-End Wreck?

In most instances, the police play a prominent role in helping establish responsibility for a Bloomfield front-end collision. Usually, officers will come to the scene and assess who is at fault. They can often tell the point of impact, where it happened, and what lane it occurred in. They can also look at the traffic light cameras to know whether they were red or green if the wreck took place at an intersection.

If law enforcement issues a citation for a traffic violation such as careless driving or DWI, this serves as even stronger evidence supporting liability. Our team is able to work with law enforcement, as well as utilize other resources such as obtaining surveillance footage, speaking to witnesses, and hiring accident reconstructionists to help ascertain fault for the case.

Speak With Our Attorneys for Help Filing a Bloomfield Front-End Accident Claim

Car wreck cases are complex. Working with skilled legal representation helps you understand and protect your rights as well as increases your potential for resolving your claim with the maximum amount of compensation. Trust in the team at Fredson Statmore Bitterman, LLC to advocate on your behalf after experiencing injuries and losses in a front-end accident in Bloomfield.