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Wrongful Death Claim A Possibility After Fatal Accident

A 77-year-old man died and his wife was injured in a tragic accident in New Jersey on a recent Thursday in March. The accident happened at approximately 7 p.m. The 77-year-old driver died at the accident scene. His wife was not seriously injured but was still taken to a medical center in the area. The circumstances surrounding the accident makes a wrongful death claim a strong possibility.

Authorities report that a wheel came loose off an eastbound vehicle. The wheel flew over the concrete barrier and hit the victim’s vehicle. The force with which the wheel hit his vehicle caused the victim to crash into two other cars. None of the other drivers were injured. The accident is under investigation.

According to the deceased victim’s son, his 66-year-old mother has been released from the hospital. She has mostly recovered from her injuries from the accident, but she is finding it difficult to get over her immense loss. The son called on people to inspect their cars regularly and insure that they properly maintain their cars.

Should the investigation into the accident prove that the wheel came off the car because of a lack of maintenance by the owner of the vehicle or other negligence, a civil claim is a strong possibility. Driving a poorly maintained car is reckless. In New Jersey, families who have lost loved ones in a car wreck have the choice to file a wrongful death claim. Claims for financial losses, such as funeral and burial costs, against the party whose negligent actions are deemed to have caused or contributed to a fatal accident, may be made.

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