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Even the most friendly and mild-mannered dog can act with surprising force and ferocity if they think another person or animal poses a threat to them, their owner, or what they consider to be their “territory.” On top of that, bite injuries from dogs of any size or breed can lead to serious and even life-threatening infections, not to mention severe disfigurement and long-lasting psychological damage that can be especially impactful for young children.

While New Jersey state law is fairly generous in terms of the rights it affords dog bite victims to sue and demand civil compensation from the owner of the dog that bit them, making effective use of those rights can be tricky without guidance from an experienced personal injury attorney. Fortunately, the assistance you may need is available from a Piscataway dog bite lawyer at Fredson Statmore Bitterman, LLC, where our team devotes big-firm resources and small-firm accessibility to everyone whose case we take on.

Getting Paid for All “Compensable Damages”

It goes without saying that money alone cannot completely erase the physical or emotional trauma that a vicious dog attack can produce, but what it can do is alleviate the financial impact of this sort of experience by reimbursing an injured person for specific losses they will suffer because of their bite injury. This can include but is not strictly limited to “damages” like:

  • Short-term and long-term medical expenses
  • Physical discomfort and pain
  • Lost working capacity and/or work earnings
  • Mental anguish and psychological trauma
  • Personal property damage
  • Lost enjoyment/quality of life

If a dog bite injury stems from circumstances involving extreme or intentionally malicious conduct by the dog’s owner, a court may impose additional “punitive damages” against them and award that money as extra compensation to the plaintiff. As a Piscataway dog bite attorney can explain, though, it is very rare for this to happen or for a dog bite victim to get compensation for anything beyond the “compensatory damages” mentioned above.

How Does State Law Address Dog Bite Liability?

According to New Jersey Revised Statutes § 4:19-16, dog owners virtually always hold “strict liability” for any injury their dog causes to another person who is lawfully in any public or private place. While it is technically possible to pursue a dog bite lawsuit based on traditional negligence, it is usually much easier to take advantage of this strict liability law by simply showing that an injury did, in fact, result from a bite and that the named “defendant(s)” owns and/or is responsible for controlling the dog which caused the injury.

That said, this strict liability may not apply in situations where a dog causes injury other than by biting someone—for example, by running at them and knocking them over. Also, injured people may have their available compensation reduced if they are found partially liable for causing a dog bite in Piscataway because they were trespassing, provoking the dog in question, or otherwise acting irresponsibly, which is a case outcome that our skilled lawyers can provide crucial help with preventing.

Talk to a Piscataway Dog Bite Attorney Today

Being attacked by an animal is a traumatic experience under any circumstances, but it can be an infuriating one as well if that animal was a pet that another person should have been keeping under control. Fortunately, you likely have strong grounds to take legal action against any dog owner who allows their dog to bite and injure you in New Jersey, provided you understand and make effective use of your rights under civil law.

Guidance from a Piscataway dog bite lawyer could be the key to getting the most money possible from your claim while also navigating efficiently around legal and procedural roadblocks. Call Fredson Statmore Bitterman, LLC today to discuss your options during a free consultation.