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Almost every vehicle has blind spots—places drivers cannot see without mirrors. They pose a danger to those drivers and the other people on the road. Big rigs and other large commercial vehicles have larger blind spots than standard passenger cars, increasing the risk of an accident.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to stay out of a trucker’s blind spot. Trucks may pull up next to you on the road or behind you at an intersection, putting you in a vulnerable position. When you are involved in a blind-spot truck accident in Bloomfield, a trusted attorney from our team can help you determine whether you can take legal action to hold the responsible parties liable for your injuries and losses.

Big Trucks Have Big Blind Spots

Struggling with blind spots is something all drivers have experienced at one time or another. Despite that, passenger vehicle drivers may not really understand how large the blind spots are on a commercial vehicle. These large trucks have long blind spots, which are located all around the vehicle—in front, behind, and on the sides of the truck.

The driver’s side blind spot is approximately the size of the cab. On the passenger side, the blind spot is much longer—the size of the cab and the trailer. These side blind spots also span over at least one lane next to them. Additionally, truckers cannot see two or three car lengths behind them. In front of the cab, it is close to 20 feet.

While driving in their blind spot can increase the risk of an accident, it does not alleviate the truck driver’s duty to look out for other vehicles. If you have been hurt in a blind spot accident, our Bloomfield attorneys may be able to help.

Damages for a Blind-Spot Wreck

In any auto accident, the injured person can recover for economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages repay people for expenses or other monetary losses such as medical bills, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, property damage, etc. Non-economic damages reimburse for the subjective losses related to an accident including pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, and emotional trauma.

A truck wreck can cause severe injuries and extensive property destruction, leading to significant economic and non-economic damages. To help determine the damages in a Bloomfield blind-spot truck accident, an attorney will look at the total impacts of the wreck on an injured person’s life. This will provide them with information about likely future medical bills, loss of earning capacity, and whether there will be any lifelong disabilities or disfigurement. Based on that information, the lawyer can provide a reasonable estimate of damages.

Contributory Negligence

Driving in a trucker’s blind spot may be considered as negligence on the part of the injured driver. However, that does not necessarily prevent recovery. Under New Jersey Statutes § 2A: 15-5.1 et seq., multiple parties can share financial responsibility for a car accident or other personal injury.

The rule is that contributory negligence does not bar recovery. However, the injured motorist cannot be more responsible than the person they are suing or the combined negligence of all defendants.

Learn More About Bloomfield Blind-Spot Truck Accidents

Recovery from a truck accident can be frustrating. Add pain to the equation, and it quickly becomes overwhelming. It can be tempting to settle for a low-ball offer to be done with the process more quickly. However, that is what insurance companies want you to do. Instead of settling for less money than you need, schedule a consultation with our team. We have experience handling blind-spot truck accidents in Bloomfield and can take the lead in gathering evidence and handling negotiations to allow you to focus your energy on healing.