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Wrongful Death Claim May Follow Fatal Head-On Collision

New Jersey roads can possibly be dangerous at any time of the year. This was proved once again when two people lost their lives on a recent Saturday. Although an investigation into the fatal crash is still underway, a wrongful death claim may follow.

A preliminary accident report states that the crash occurred on Route 49 in southern New Jersey in the vicinity of Estell Manor. A 63-year-old man with one passenger was apparently in the process of passing other vehicles when he smashed into a car that was travelling in the opposite direction. The second vehicle was also occupied by a driver and one passenger.

The head-on collision reportedly caused the death of the first vehicle’s passenger, and injuries to both drivers and the passenger of the second vehicle. All three were transported to a hospital. The severity of the injuries to the two drivers and their conditions are not known, but the passenger of the second car reportedly died shortly after being admitted to the hospital. The occupants of both vehicles were visitors from Pennsylvania.

There were no charges filed at the time of the accident but may follow the conclusion of the investigation. If it is found that the driver of the first vehicle was negligent in passing other traffic in unsafe conditions, the family members of the deceased passenger of the second car may have a viable wrongful death claim. By filing such a claim in a civil court — substantiated by evidence of negligence — compensation for end-of-life expenses may be pursued.

Source: therepublic.com, “2 Pennsylvanians killed, 2 others injured in head-on collision in southern New Jersey“, July 12, 2015