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Why Listening to your Doctor is Critical in Personal Injury Cases

Whenever a doctor recommends a treatment or course of action to recover from an illness or injury, it is important to follow their advice in order to recover as quickly as possible.

If you are pursuing a Passaic County personal injury case related to your injuries however, it is absolutely critical that you follow your doctor’s recommendations to the letter, as the success of your case and the compensation you recover often hinge on you doing so.

Passaic County Personal Injury Claim Insurance Adjusters

One of the first steps the insurance company will take when facing a personal injury claim is to assign an adjuster to the case. The insurance adjuster will look for weaknesses in your case, and possible defenses for the insurance company.

One very commonly used defense for insurance companies is to review your compliance with your doctor’s orders. If they can show that you are not following your doctor’s recommended plan of treatment, the insurance company can claim that you are “failing to mitigate damages”, meaning you are purposely making your condition worse in order to recover more compensation in your personal injury claim.

If the insurance company can prove that you are failing to mitigate damages by not following your doctor’s orders, it can greatly lessen the compensation you recover in your Passaic County personal injury case.

What if I am not Comfortable with my Doctor’s Orders?

So while it is essential that you follow your doctor’s orders as closely as possible when pursuing a personal injury case for your injuries, that is not to say you do not have options when it comes to your treatment plan.

There are a variety of reasons why an injured individual may not feel comfortable with a doctor’s recommended course of treatment for a given injury. Some people are not comfortable with invasive surgeries, and may wish to pursue alternative methods. Others may prefer a more homeopathic form of treatment rather than what their doctor is recommending.

You may consult with as many doctors as you wish to when deciding on a course of action for your injuries. However, once you have chosen a doctor and a treatment plan, it is then that, for the success of your personal injury case, you follow their orders as closely as possible.

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