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Recovering Compensation for a Permanent Disability

Personal injury lawsuits are designed to help the victims of accidents such as auto accidentsconstruction accidentsmotorcycle accidents, ladder and scaffolding falls, product injuries, and poorly maintained premises to recover monetary compensation for their medical expenses, lost income, and physical and emotional pain suffering.

When that accident results in a permanent disability however, it becomes a much more complicated process, but even more critical that you recover full and fair compensation in order to protect the financial security of you and your family.

Valuing a Permanent Disability Claim

One of the most important steps that you and your Passaic County permanent disability attorney will need to take is to accurately value the extent of the damages you have suffered.

In the case of a broken bone, this process can be fairly straightforward. A broken bone will require medical treatment, and potentially some amount of rehabilitation. That broken bone may also cause the injured party to be unable to work for a certain period of time until they have healed. In order to recover compensation in this scenario, you simply add up your medical costs, the amount of time you were unable to work multiplied by your salary, and you have a fairly accurate picture of how much compensation to seek in terms of medical expenses and lost income.

In the case of a permanent disability however, your Clifton injury attorney will most likely need to consult with both medical experts as well as financial experts in order to obtain an accurate estimate for these damages. This is because permanent disability injuries such as paralysis, loss of limb, or a brain injury will have life-long implications for the injured party, most likely requiring on-going medical treatment and rehabilitation, as well as potentially affecting your employment options permanently.

Your Clifton permanent disability lawyer will need to consult with these experts in order to calculate not only these damages to-date, but for the future as well. Things such as potential raises and promotions that may no longer be possible all need to be taken into account when seeking compensation in the case of a permanent disability.

Providing Medical Evidence and Testimony in a Permanent Disability Claim

Not only will you and your attorney need to thoroughly evaluate the damages you have suffered, you will need to prove those damages to the insurance company, and potentially a jury.

This will require your Wayne permanent disability attorney to retain the services of medical professionals who can accurately describe not only the extent of your injuries, but how your accident specifically caused those injuries.

This step will be critical to the success of your personal injury case, so it is important that you retain the counsel of an experienced Wayne personal injury attorney who has these resources at their disposal, and understands how to effectively implement them throughout the course of your claim.

Independent Medical Examinations in Personal Injury Claims

Considering the serious nature of your injuries, and the extent of damages you will be seeking, many insurance companies will require you to undergo what is known as an “independent medical examination” in order to verify the claims that you and your attorney are making regarding your injuries. Sadly, these examinations are often anything but independent, as they are paid for by the insurance company.

However, it may become a requirement for your Passaic County permanent disability claim to take part in such an examination, so you will wish to speak with your attorney beforehand in order to better understand your rights, obligations, what to expect, and how to best proceed with this process.

Pain and Suffering in a Permanent Disability Claim

Beyond medical expenses and lost income, a key component of your permanent disability claim will be that of “pain and suffering”. Pain and suffering often represents the largest portion of recoveries made in any personal injury case, so it is important that you are honest and open with your attorney regarding your feelings, emotional state, and the hardships you are experiencing as a result of your permanent disability.

The better your attorney understands exactly how your injuries have affected your life, the better they can speak to them on your behalf to juries and insurance companies alike. While no amount of money can ever change the pain and suffering you have experienced, it can help you and your family to rebuild your lives, and will encourage negligent parties to change their ways in the future and prevent similar accidents from happening to other people.

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