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Negligent Accident: Victim Of Hit-And-Run Succumbs To Injuries

When a New Jersey woman walked across an intersection on her way home from work, she noticed the remnants of an accident, including a pair of glasses and a sock. She had no idea that these items belonged to her husband. She soon learned that her husband was the victim of a what appears to have been a negligent accident, and he was fighting for his life in a hospital.

The victim sadly lost his fight and succumbed to his injuries almost a week later. The 58-year-old rabbi was reportedly also returning home after work when he was struck down by a driver who fled the scene. The victim was rushed to a hospital with critical injuries, including brain trauma, collapsed lungs, a fractured pelvis and broken legs.

Although witnesses were reportedly able to describe the vehicle that struck the man, police were still searching for the hit-and-run driver at the time of this report. Not knowing who was responsible for his death is naturally traumatizing for the deceased man’s loved ones. His wife urged the driver to consider the family’s anxiety and surrender to authorities.

A New Jersey family who has lost a loved one in a negligent accident may pursue a wrongful deathclaim. In cases of hit-and-run drivers who are still at large, the filing of a wrongful death claim may have to wait until the driver is identified. At that time, financial relief may be pursued based upon evidence of negligence that is deemed to have caused the accident. If properly documented before a civil court, the surviving family may be entitled to a judgment for end-of-life expenses and other documented financial losses.

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