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Man Suffers Severe Injuries In Bizarre New Jersey Accident

New Jersey police were met by an unusual sight when they responded to reports of a person driving erratically during the early evening of a recent Monday in early November. The dispatched officers say they observed someone driving erratically. The New Jersey officers also noticed what appeared to be a person on the front of the car. When they managed to stop the car, they found a man with severe injuries stuck in the windshield.

It is alleged that the driver hit the pedestrian approximately a mile back from where he was stopped by the police. Officer conducted a field sobriety test which the driver failed. A blood sample was then taken from the driver. The alleged intoxicated driver faces several charges, including DUI, not helping an accident victim, leaving an accident scene and severely injuring a person. Although bail of $150,000 was set, no option to pay 10 percent was permitted; the driver remained in jail.

The seriously injured pedestrian had to be extricated from the windshield. He was severely cut by the glass and had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital. The victim’s condition was considered critical when he arrived at the hospital.

Regardless of the outcome of the criminal case, the New Jersey victim, or his family should he not survive, may choose to file a civil claim against the alleged reckless driver. Victims suffering severe injuries in accidents due to the recklessness of another may elect to file personal injury claims, while the families of deceased victims may decide to file a wrongful death claim. If it is proved that negligence was the root cause of the accident, a court may award monetary damages to victims or their families. In certain cases of egregious misconduct, a court may also award punitive damages.

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