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Fredson & Statmore Attorney Secures $800,000 Car Accident Injury Verdict

Last month, Fredson & Statmore attorney Lance J. Bitterman secured for his client an $800,000 Essex County jury verdict in a car accident injury case.

In the case in question, 55-year-old woman Olivia Urena claimed she was struck by defendant Louis Gonzalez when he illegally ran a stop sign on Third Street in Clifton, NJ. Gonzalez struck plaintiff Urena’s automobile on the driver’s side door, causing lumbar and cervical back injuries to Urena.

Clifton Limited Right to Sue Attorney Recovers Financial Compensation

In this particular case, car accident injury compensation was complicated by two key factors: the defendant’s coverage, and the fact the plaintiff had a “limited right to sue” insurance policy.

Limited right to sue insurance policies only allow for car accident injury victims to sue for damages in specific circumstances (which you can view in our article here). In this case, it was unclear whether or not a jury would in fact believe that Urena’s injuries qualified her for securing an injury recovery.

In addition, Gonzalez’s injury policy, provided by Geico, only covered damages up to $100,000. Geico used one of their own in-house legal representatives, Leslie DeTorres, who only offered $1,500 for Urena’s injuries, believing a jury would not award a favorable verdict.

For these reasons, Urena’s attorney Lance Bitterman agreed to a high-low offer pre-trial, and the jury’s favorable verdict triggered the high of $90,000.

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