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Bus Strikes Car, Then Pedestrian, Causing Severe Injuries

An accident that resulted in injuries to several people occurred in New Jersey recently. The circumstances that caused the accident were unknown immediately after it happened, but an investigation was launched to determine what led to it. The crash involved a bus, a car and a pedestrian. The pedestrian suffered severe injuries.

According to the accident report, the incident occurred on a recent Wednesday afternoon on a road in Essex County. It was reported that a bus belonging to Coach USA hit a car and then struck a pedestrian. The bus then crashed into a branch of the Bank of America. The bus was apparently not carrying any passengers at the time of the accident.

It was reported that the 39-year-old driver of the car and the 77-year-old driver of the bus were both injured. They were transported to the hospital to be treated for injuries that were reported to be non life-threatening. The pedestrian, however, suffered critical injuries and was rushed to a hospital. He was reported to be a 34-year-old man from New York City.

When pedestrians are involved in motor vehicle accidents, severe injuries are not uncommon, especially when a bus or other large vehicle is involved. Such injuries commonly lead to high medical expenses and ongoing treatment. Victims may pursue claims for financial relief by filing personal injury claims in a New Jersey civil court. Negligence will have to be proved before the court will consider specific claims for monetary damages. A successfully presented claim may lead to the entry of a judgment for all documented accident-related financial losses.

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