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When you survive a catastrophic accident, receiving the news of paralysis is life-altering. Costs associated with spinal cord injuries are often overwhelming. Apart from medical bills, physical therapy, hospital visits, and emotional trauma, those injured in a paralysis accident have to remodel their homes and modify their vehicles to adapt.

If a negligent party caused your injury, you may be entitled to financial compensation with the help of a Piscataway paralysis injury lawyer. No two paralysis injuries are the same and our skilled catastrophic injury attorneys take a specialized approach to your case to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. We understand that navigating litigation is a huge ordeal for someone who is recovering from an accident or is taking care of someone who has been injured. Call Fredson Statmore Bitterman, LLC today, and let us take care of the legal work so you can focus on healing.

Common Causes of Paralysis

People who sustain paralyzing injuries may be eligible for compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit. The event must have been caused by a third party’s wrongdoing or negligence. Each case is unique and requires extensive analysis to determine the liability and legal recourse available.

Common causes of paralysis claims include:

It is important to consult a qualified Piscataway paralysis injury attorney to assess the details of each situation to be able to determine the severity of the injury, cause of the paralysis, negligence or liability of the party or parties involved, and the different legal theories to be utilized in each case.

Types of Paralysis

In a personal injury case, paralysis is classified based on its severity and impact on the person’s life. Symptoms of paralysis are different for each individual. Some symptoms may include muscular atrophy, numbness or pain, spasms, twitching, and loss of muscle function. These symptoms may happen suddenly, start and stop, or gradually occur. Determining the degree of paralysis involves a complete evaluation by medical professionals.


Paraplegia affects the lower part of the body, specifically both legs. Survivors of these types of injuries have no sensation or limited sensation and motor function below their waists.


Hemiplegia affects one side of the body, either the left or the right. Hemiplegia may be caused by infections, strokes, or traumatic brain injuries. Legal cases involving hemiplegia may involve medical negligence such as failure to diagnose an underlying condition or failure to provide adequate care.


Monoplegia affects one limb. It can be either an arm or a leg. Monoplegia is often the result of a traumatic injury, negligence, or medical malpractice during surgery.


Quadriplegia affects all four limbs, both arms, and both legs. Quadriplegia may also affect the torso as well as bowel and bladder control. Quadriplegia is often the result of a traumatic spinal cord injury, or brain injury.

Regardless of the type of paralysis, our Piscataway attorneys can review the details of the case to determine who should be held liable and what compensation is available.

Compensation Available in Paralysis Injuries

The purpose of a personal injury suit is to compensate an individual who has suffered an injury due to a third party’s negligence, reckless conduct, or intentional actions. The type and amount of compensation are determined by the circumstances surrounding the case and the severity of the injuries. Common types of compensation include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost income and estimated future earnings
  • Emotional trauma and a loss of enjoyment of life

Our attorneys understand the significant impact a paralyzing injury has on a person and their family and will fight tenaciously on behalf of an injured person to ensure any settlement or reward amounts adequately provide for their needs.

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When you have experienced a paralyzing injury, our skilled paralysis injury lawyers will provide you with peace of mind during these trying times. Our attorneys have a deep understanding of personal injury law, specifically regarding the intricate medical and legal issues involved in paralysis incidents. Please call Fredson Statmore Bitterman, LLC today to book your free introductory case consultation.