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Patients put a great deal of trust in their physicians. When people are sick or injured, they expect their doctors and health care providers to be able to find out what is wrong with them and offer them a cure or at least a way to manage their symptoms. But what occurs when a doctor violates a patient’s trust by not recognizing their symptoms and failing to make a timely diagnosis? When a doctor fails to diagnose a serious health condition, the results can be devastating and lead to a worsening of the condition and even death.

If you suspect a doctor’s delayed or missed a diagnosis of a serious medical condition, you may have grounds to file a medical malpractice claim. A Bloomfield failure to diagnose lawyer from Fredson, Statmore & Bitterman, LLC can help by evaluating your case during a free consultation.

What Constitutes a Failure to Diagnose Error?

Physicians are not perfect and sometimes make mistakes. When those mistakes fall below the accepted standards or care and result in serious permanent injury, then you may have a claim.

Patients have the right to expect their physicians and health care providers to act reasonably and responsibly when diagnosing them. When making a diagnosis, healthcare workers should act the same way that other medical professionals with similar backgrounds and training would. Physicians should always act appropriately when evaluating their patients and adequately utilize the tools at their disposal to get as close as they can to an accurate diagnosis of the most serious conditions.

Failure to make the correct diagnosis can constitute malpractice. If a doctor or other health care provider fails to appreciate the significance of your signs and symptoms then you may have a claim. Our experienced Bloomfield failure to diagnose attorneys can help.

How a Missed or Delayed Diagnosis Could Hurt a Patient

To have a successful legal claim against a medical care provider, a patient must show that the missed or delayed diagnosis caused significant harm that otherwise could have been avoided. A misdiagnosis can result in a patient receiving treatment for the wrong illness and sustaining damage from the side effects of unnecessary interventions. A delayed diagnosis can also lead to a patient experiencing a delay in getting the appropriate treatment, which can lead to a significant worsening of the underlying condition. Additionally, when people face serious or even terminal conditions, treatments are often more likely to succeed if started early. A missed or delayed diagnosis could lead to a later start date for treatment, which could decrease a patient’s survival rate.

Meet With a Bloomfield Failure to Diagnose Attorney

Our compassionate attorneys understand how painful a late diagnosis can be and will work aggressively to help injured patients and their families.

When facing a serious condition, the last thing you want to have wandering through your mind are the possibilities of what might had been had you gotten treatment sooner. Would it have made a difference?

If you believe earlier medical treatment could have cured you or prolonged the life of your loved one, a Bloomfield failure to diagnose lawyer can help you fight for justice. Contact us to discuss your case with a legal representative from our firm today.