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What is a Defective Product Wrongful Death?

It is inherent that product manufacturers ensure their products do not have any defects that may result in injury or death. If they don’t do this, customers can up paying the ultimate price. Their loved ones and close relatives may file a wrongful death lawsuit to recover the financial compensation suffered as a result of their loss.

If your loss was within the statute of limitations, typically two years after the event, you may be able to file a claim on their behalf. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free consultation.

Examples of Defective Product Scenarios

Product manufacturers are responsible for their products manufactured correctly without negligence. When they fail this basic duty, their customers end up paying the price. This is why actions for legal recourse are available to the survivors of a lost loved one.

Any of the following can cause a wrongful death:

  • The incorrect assembly of children’s products
  • Medical devices malfunction
  • Defective auto parts like brakes or tires stop operating correctly because of manufacture flaws
  • Industrial machinery

Most products sold in the United States must meet health and safety standards established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The CPSC is the federal agency best known to define product safety and can announce recalls of defective products.

While defective products are often recalled from the market, unfortunately, the recall only occurs after the product has already caused injuries or fatalities. Several consumers may have suffered injuries by the time a company identifies the defect. Just because a product is recalled does not absolve the company of liability for any injuries or deaths linked to the product.

Defective Product Liable Parties

There might be multiple parties held liable when a defective product causes a wrongful death. In addition to the manufacturer, a wrongful death claim can include those who were involved with the distribution of the product. For instance, a lawsuit may include the brake manufacturer and auto manufacturer if a death occurred from an accident involving a brake defect.

It should be noted that proving a company was negligent, to the point of knowingly selling a defective product that resulted in injury or death, is not easy. It requires investigations into the product, input and expert analysis from professionals who are able to confirm or corroborate that the defective product resulted in the loss of life.

Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney

A wrongful death attorney is needed if you believe a loved one died due to a defective product. So that you are compensated for your loss, they will prepare and investigate the strongest case for you. Contact us today at The Law Office of Fredson Statmore Bitterman to schedule your free consultation. When you hire us, our wrongful death attorneys are prepared to give you the best legal advice and representation that can help you recover what you are owed.