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Understanding the Timeline of Your Personal Injury Claim

One of the first questions people ask us when they start the process of making a personal injury claim is “how long will it take?” Our answer is: “it depends.” There are many different factors that contribute to the timeline of your personal injury lawsuit. However, we can give you a general overview of what it will look like and how long each stage typically lasts.

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Your Personal Injury Claim Timeline

It may take weeks or it may take years to reach a settlement. However, a case is generally settled within a year or two. Here are some of the major steps on the road to getting remuneration from a personal injury claim:

Talk to an Attorney

The first step down the road of potential remuneration for a personal injury due to another person’s negligence is to talk with an attorney. Hiring a lawyer will help you organize your case and start the legal process. Having expert, compassionate attorneys like our team at Fredson Statmore Bitterman, LLC will strengthen your chances of getting what you deserve out of the claim. Talk to an attorney as soon as you can after an accident to help you get started right.

The Case Begins

The next step is beginning the case. This entails collecting and filling out all the initial paperwork as directed by your lawyer. You also let the other party know that you are intending to file a claim at this stage. If there are factors like the statute of limitations being breached or jurisdiction problems, a court may dismiss the case before it even really gets underway. To make sure that doesn’t happen, hire a personal injury firm to help you make the strongest case you can.


Discovery is the stage in the case where information is gathered, depositions are taken, and documents are exchanged between attorneys. This stage may take 6 months to a year, though it can take longer in some cases. After discovery, most cases get settled. However, sometimes a case won’t get settled and a lawsuit may then get filed. If the statute of limitation is close to being reached, a lawsuit may be filed earlier on in the process. These are all things your lawyer will be able to take care of for you.


If a settlement is not reached and a lawsuit has been officially filed, the case will go to trial and motions and other arguments will take place. However, a settlement may even be reached at this step in the process.


A year or two after you filed your suit, you will most likely have a verdict for your case. If you the plaintiff wins, the defendant owes you the amount of money that the jury determined. However, the defense may still appeal the verdict, and if they are successful there may be a new trial or a different settlement reached.


Lastly, if you win your case, the collection of the judgement begins. The judgement can be one lump sum or it could be broken up into individual payments.

Factors in the Timeline of Your Personal Injury Claim

The most determining factors for the length of time your personal injury claim will take to get resolved are as followed:

  • The amount of damages being sought
  • The seriousness of your injuries
  • The complexity of the case
  • How busy your local courts are
  • How willing the defendant is to settle

Get Started Today

This guide is of course a simplified version of what can be a very complex legal process. To help guide you through this complicated process, hire Fredson Statmore Bitterman, LLC as your personal injury attorneys. We have over 50 years of experience helping clients win their personal injury cases. We offer personal, dedicated, and effective legal advocacy around New Jersey. If you have been injured and are considering hiring an attorney, contact The Law Office of Fredson Statmore Bitterman today for your free legal consultation.