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Truck accidents: Sedan driver in ICU after extricated from wreck

There are certain traffic situations where a driver has to yield to other traffic. Any driver who wants to join a lane of traffic, regardless of the size of his or her vehicle, has to wait until the traffic flow allows him or her to proceed. Sometimes, the drivers of tractor-trailers seem to disregard smaller vehicles and enter roadways at will. Failure to yield may lead to devastating truck accidents.

A 55-year-old New Jersey man was recently rushed to a medical center after he suffered severe injuries in a truck accident. Officials say the man was northbound on a Jersey City road when a tractor-trailer allegedly joined the traffic without yielding. The man’s vehicle collided with the truck, and his vehicle became lodged under the trailer.

It was reported that emergency workers had to extricate the driver from the wreck. He was admitted to the intensive care unit at the medical center where he apparently underwent some tests. He was reported to be in a stable condition. The road remained closed for several hours while the accident investigation was underway.

Truck accidents are known to result in severe injuries or even fatalities. The man who was severely injured in this accident will likely be facing high medical bills and may choose to pursue a claim for damages incurred. He retains the right to take legal action by filing a personal injury claim in a New Jersey civil court. If he can document negligence on the part of the tractor-trailer driver and the driver’s employer, and present the claim successfully, the court may award a monetary judgment. Such an award typically covers medical expenses, along with other losses allowed by applicable laws.

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