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Truck accidents – information victims need to know

Many accidents often involve fast and reckless driving. When a tractor-trailer or other large truck is speeding or being driven recklessly, a resulting accident often has serious consequences. New Jersey drivers involved in truck accidents may find that the injuries they or their passengers suffered may be quite extensive.

Given the nature of a truck accident, as well as the fact that trucks are predominantly owned by companies, not the drivers themselves, those involved in such an accident will most likely benefit from a consultation with an attorney who is experienced in such cases. During an initial consultation, the attorney will have many questions that need answers. Therefore, it will be beneficial to come prepared.

The more information you have during the initial consultation the better your attorney will be able to evaluate your case. There are five main areas about which your lawyer will need information. These areas include :

  • Information on the trucking company and its driver
  • Details of the accident
  • Your medical records regarding injuries you sustained
  • Information about your vehicle
  • Your personal and financial details

Details regarding the truck’s owner and driver should include general details, such as the names of the driver and the company, as well as more specific information, such as licensing details. When it comes to the information regarding the accident, it is important to have as much detail as possible. This not only includes how, when and where the accident occurred, but also other aspects, such as weather and road conditions, possible charges filed and statements made by witnesses. Records of medical treatment following the accident are also important and insightful. Furthermore, you may be required to provide details about your vehicle pertaining to ownership, condition of the vehicle before and after the accident, and the estimated cost of the damage to the car.

New Jersey victims of truck accidents may also be required by their attorneys to provide details regarding employment, lost wages due to the accident and their insurance information. By being prepared and providing this information to an attorney during the first consultation, the attorney will be able to evaluate your case and provide the best possible advice. This advice will likely assist you as determine whether to pursue a personal injury claim.

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