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Truck Accident Safety Debate Continues

Truck accidents represent one of the most potentially dangerous and harmful types of accidents when it comes to motor vehicle accidents. And while steps have been taken by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to limit the dangerous of truck accident injuries by implementing rear-gaurds on all truck trailers, the debate about what to do regarding “side underride collisions” continues.

What Are Side Underride Collisions? Wayne, NJ Truck Accident Attorneys

The term “side underride collision” refers to when a car collides with the side of a truck, and actually pass under the truck itself. This presents very serious danger to the driver and passengers of the car, and can often result in wrongful death.

In fact, this exact type of truck accident recently happened to the passenger of a Tesla self-driving car, resulting in the tragic death of Joshua D. Brown. This incident in particular has spurred renewed debate over what types of safety measures truck trailers and commercial trucks should take when it comes to preventing side underride collision truck accidents.

Increasing Truck Accident Injury Safety, Clifton Truck Injury Lawyers

In 1967, actress Jayne Mansfield died when she crashed her car into the rear of a commercial truck. Her children were spared a similar fate due simply to the fact that their small size saved them when the car passed under the rear of the truck. However, it wasn’t until 30 years later in 1998 that the NHTSA began requiring all commercial trucks to be equipped with rear collision guards which prevent this exact type of accident from happening.

Now, with the increased awareness over the dangers of similar truck accidents occurring on the side of trucks, rather than the rear, the NHTSA is under a lot of pressure to find a similar solution.

However, the Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association is claiming that safety advocates are overstating the simplicity of implementing similar side guard protectors, and that as of now, such safety measures would drastically impact the performance of the trucks, resulting in a severe loss of control of the truck by its driver, and potentially resulting in even more truck accident dangers than there are now.

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