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Tragic Pedestrian Accident: Toddler Killed, Brother Injured

A New Jersey family’s week turned into a nightmare on a recent Monday in middle July, when their two-year-old daughter was killed in an accident while her older brother was injured. Her grandmother was also injured in the pedestrian accident. The family was hit by a mail truck as they were crossing a street.

The grandmother was carrying the toddler at the time of the accident. Eyewitnesses say that the force of the impact caused the two-year-old girl to fly high into the air. All three victims were taken to a hospital in the area.

Sadly, the little girl passed away shortly after reaching the hospital. No details are available regarding the extent of her brother’s injuries. The 55-year-old grandmother is in a critical, but stable, condition after surgery was performed.

A tragedy such as this accident generally leaves the family of the victims devastated, while at the same time having to face financial hardship. They will have to pay burial and funeral costs for the little girl, as well as the medical costs of their injured son and mother. However, should it emerge from an investigation into the accident that the driver of the mail truck acted negligently, the family may consider filing both a wrongful death and personal injury claim.

In New Jersey, surviving family members of the victims of a pedestrian accident may elect to file civil claims in order to recoup damages resulting from the accident. Successfully litigated civil claims can provide for the reimbursement of any monetary damages. These damages can include medical bills and funeral and burial costs as well as other related costs.

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