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The Science of Concussions

No two concussions are the same. Much like other soft tissue injuries such as muscle tears, contusions, and sprains, concussions can vary dramatically both in their severity and in the symptoms which present in sufferers.  While most of us do not have to worry about the damaging affects of repeated traumas leading to diseases such as CTE, even a single concussion can be seriously damaging. Today, our Passaic County attorneys will be discussing up-to-date scientific knowledge regarding concussions, how they affect victim’s health, and how they are diagnosed.

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Passaic County, NJ Brain Injury Attorneys: What are Concussions?

Most of us understand at a high level that concussions are essentially injuries resulting from blunt force trauma to the head and neck area, impacting the brain. However, the notion that it is basically a “brain bruise” is inaccurate. The primary factor that contributes to concussions is actually movement of the brain, causing injury to the brain’s soft tissue. There are three primary ways in which individuals can suffer a concussion:

Focal Impact Concussion – This is the type of concussion that you might see on Sunday afternoons when two football players smash head first into a pile. It involves direct impact to the head area and the injury occurs at the point of contact.

Linear or Translational Concussion – A form of concussion which involves a sudden and violent movement of the head and neck, resulting in the brain striking the sides of the skull, causing injury. This is a common result of car accidents involving whiplash.

Angular or Rotational Concussion – Similar to linear concussions with a twisting or shearing motion of the head. This is the rarest and most severe form of concussion which has the potential to disconnect the tissue between the two hemispheres of the brain.

Paterson Concussion Personal Injury Lawyers: Diagnosing Concussions

Again going back to the most famous public stage for concussions, many of us have heard, “he was shaken up on the play”. The cameras will then cut away to a glassy eyed quarterback sitting on the bench realizing he is not in Kansas anymore. While some concussions can be obvious to a live TV audience, many require a series of tests to fully diagnose and ultimately treat. The diagnostic process may include:

Interview with victim. Questions generally are intended to find short term memory loss including events prior to and after the injury. It has been determined that memory after the injury is the best indicator of the severity of the cognitive damages suffered.

Symptom Evaluation. A standardized form known as the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool is frequently used immediately after a concussion to check for symptoms including headache, nausea, light sensitivity, and much more.

Medical Examination. Concussions do not cause immediately obvious structural injury to the brain. Even advanced medical image testing will often come back “negative” for brain injury when victims have been concussed. For this reason, a battery of other tests including checking reflexes, strength, coordination, and cognition are used to track the progress of patients suffering from concussions.

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