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Possibility Of Auto Product Liability Claims Looms For Chrysler

A second repair recall for certain Chrysler vehicles has been issued by the company. The recall covers the 2008 to 2010 models of the Chrysler Dodge Journey SUVs, the Chrysler Town and Country and the Dodge Caravan minivans. This recall opens the door for possible auto product liability claims in cases where the problem may have been the cause of accidents causing serious death or even fatalities in New Jersey.

The problem with the recalled models relates to a faulty ignition switch and is similar to the problem leading to a recall by General Motors in 2014. A spokesperson for the company said that the recall involves approximately 703,000 SUVs and minivans. In the case of GM, 57 people were killed and approximately 104 were injured in crashes caused by the faulty switch. At the time of the recall, Chrysler is aware of 89 complaints regarding the matter. One accident has been reported, with no injuries, but this may not be the full picture.

It is reported that the ignition switch can turn by itself and switch the car off while driving on uneven roads. When this happens, the engine of the motor vehicle can stall, which will make the power steering and brakes useless. Airbags may also become dysfunctional. Drivers are urged to remove everything but the vehicle key from their key rings until their vehicles have been repaired.

Although no claims have yet been received by the company and no fatal or serious accidents reported, the company may still have to answer to such claims. An auto product liability claim against a car manufacturer and/or other parties responsible for the care and maintenance of a motor vehicle may be appropriate when injuries suffered in an accident are attributable to a vehicle malfunction. Families in New Jersey, who believe that a loved one has been seriously injured or killed in an accident relating to a faulty ignition switch, may elect to institute an auto product liability claim against the company.

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