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NHTSA Warns About Ongoing Personal Injury Threats Of Air Bags

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently embarked on a road show with which it intends to keep motorists nationwide, including in New Jersey, focused on the importance of having air bags replaced. It says that this is as important as checking tire pressure and tread before taking a trip. Too many motorists have suffered personal injury — or died — in incidents linked to defective air bags.

It was reported that, as of December, nationwide replacements of Takata airbags totaled 2 million. NHTSA recently announced that it has launched another investigation. This time the subject of the investigation is another manufacturer of air bags, ARC Automotive. Fiat Chrysler installed 420,000 of these air bags in its minivans since 2002. Since 2004, 70,000 ARC Automotive airbags were fitted in Kia Optima sedans.

According to new reports in December, Takata was aware of the defect in its air bags as far back as 2004. NHTSA says while the precise cause of the unexpected explosions of the airbags has yet to be determined, action must be taken to replace all air bags in vehicles in the United States. It contends that action cannot be delayed until there is a definitive answer about the defect because lives are at stake in the meantime.

New Jersey residents who have suffered personal injury — or lost loved ones — in incidents involving defective automotive parts are entitled to pursue compensation for medical and/or end-of-life expenses. They may be hesitant to take on large corporations in a court, but help is available. An experienced product liability attorney will provide support and guidance throughout the legal proceedings. A lawyer will also have the resources to investigate the incident, and if a claim is viable, the obtained evidence will form part of the presentation of the claim in a civil court.

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