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New Jersey Family Loses Loved One In Fatal Pedestrian Accident

When a pedestrian is knocked down by a vehicle, he or she typically suffers severe injuries that are often deadly. When a fatal pedestrian accident takes place, the surviving family of the victim will naturally be very traumatized. A 64-year-old New Jersey man lost his life in a pedestrian accident that occurred on the late evening of Dec. 23.

Authorities reported that the pedestrian was knocked down by an SUV that was driven by a man from another state. The pedestrian suffered fatal injuries and died at the accident scene. An investigation into the accident was underway at the time of the media report. Investigators said the inclement weather and poor lighting in the area where the accident occurred will be taken into consideration.

It was reported that alcohol or drugs were not suspected to have been a factor. However, as is typically done when pedestrian accidents are fatal, toxicology tests were done to determine the blood alcohol level or presence of drugs in the deceased and the SUV driver. Authorities are awaiting the results of these tests. No charges were filed at the time of the accident.

The surviving family of the man who lost his life in this tragic pedestrian accident may now be facing financial difficulty due to the high end-of-life expenses. They are entitled to pursue recovery of damages incurred. With properly documented proof of negligence by the SUV driver, they may be able to successfully present a wrongful death claim in a New Jersey civil court. The court may award restitution to cover funeral and burial expenses, along with other documented financial losses.

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