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Motorcycle Accidents: Protecting The Vulnerable

Many motorcyclists say that riding a motorcycle leaves one with a feeling of freedom equal to nothing else. Unfortunately, the very thing that creates the feeling of freedom is also what makes motorcyclists more vulnerable in motorcycle accidents. Simply put, cars and trucks offer a lot more protection. In the majority of crashes involving motorcycles, the result for the bikers are the most severe. If a motorcyclist is severely injured due to the negligence of another driver, New Jersey law allows the victim to file a personal injury claim.

Often the motorcyclist is not the one who caused the accident. Car and truck drivers often fail to yield to motorcyclists or fail to see them at all. As a result, motorcyclists are often seriously injured by unobservant motorists or truck drivers who hit them when changing lanes or when turning in front of them.

Victims of such accidents may not have the respect they deserve on New Jersey roads, but they will be respected in the courtroom. Our firm will fight for the compensation an injured motorcyclist deserves. We will ensure the protection of a victim’s rights because we understand the hardships our clients face. This is why we try to make the personal injury claim process as stress free as possible.

A key element of a successful negotiation with an insurance company is trial experience. When a firm has a proven record of successful litigation, the insurance companies are more willing to offer fair settlements. Our firm will work to ensure fair and just compensation to help pay for medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of wages, and even repairs to your motorcycle, even if it means going to court. Follow the link to our motorcycle accidents page for more information.