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Impaired Driving Often Ends In A Car Crash

Driving is such a regular daily occurrence for so many people that one tends to forget that it is quite a multifaceted task. New Jersey drivers should not forget that driving requires ones fullest attention and good judgment, while experience and coordination are abilities that also play an important role in safe driving. Impaired driving refers to a situation where one or more of the abilities required to drive safely is impaired. When a driver is impaired, it often ends in a car crash.

When someone drives after taking any substance which may lead to his or her abilities being impaired, it creates a dangerous situation on the roads. There is little doubt that the majority of New Jersey residents are aware of the dangers of driving after having alcohol. This does not mean that people do not drink and drive.

In the United States, nearly 33 percent of fatal crashes involve drivers impaired by alcohol use. Even more disturbing is the fact that in a survey done by the AAA Foundation for traffic safety, 14 percent of the participants indicated that in the last year, they drove a vehicle after using alcohol in excess. These drivers indicated that they believe that if they were stopped, they would have been over the legal limit.

One should not lose sight of the fact that alcohol is not the only substance that can have an impact on one’s driving. A lot of prescription and over-the-counter drugs can impair performance. Many people, especially senior citizens, often take medicine which may impair their driving, but very few are aware that the drugs they take to improve their health may influence their ability to drive safely.

Although accidents resulting from impaired driving may lead to criminal charges, victims may also choose to file civil claims against the party deemed responsible. In New Jersey, persons injured in car crash attributed to impaired driving may choose to file a personal injury claim, while the families of deceased victims may elect to file wrongful death claims. A successful claim may assist the injured victim or family of the deceased victim to meet the unexpected expenses and recover other specified damages arising from the accident.

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