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Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Resolving any personal injury case, whether it be for a construction accidentauto accidentmotorcycle accidentslip and fallproduct liability claimpremises liability claim, or any other type of accident involving the reckless or negligent actions of another party, can be a complicated, expensive, and patience-testing process.

While it is certainly possible to settle your claim with the insurance company without a Passaic County personal injury attorney, there are many important benefits your attorney will be able to provide for you throughout the course of the recovery process. Let’s take a look.

Better Settlements in a Passaic County Personal Injury Claim

The cost of hiring an personal injury attorney will almost always be offset by the greater amount of recoveries they will be able to achieve for you. Not only will your attorney have experience when it comes to proving the full extent of your injuries and the affects they have had on your life, the sheer fact that you have an attorney will generally push the insurance company into making much fairer settlement offers than they would otherwise.

Furthermore, your attorney will help you avoid many of the common mistakes that individuals make during any personal injury claim. This can include saying the wrong thing to the insurance company or an insurance adjuster, misfiling important legal papers, and accepting settlement offers which clearly do not cover your medical expenses or lost wages.

Identify All of the Liable Parties in a Wayne, NJ Injury Claim

Many personal injury cases can involve more than one liable party. For example, in the case of an accident injury involving a delivery truck, it may be possible for the company who operates the truck, the company who hired the truck for delivery services, and the company who is responsible for the maintenance of the truck to all be partially liable.

Your Wayne, NJ personal injury attorney will be able to identify all of these separately liable parties, and hold them accountable in your injury claim. This will increase the damages you are able to recover, and ensure all of the responsible parties are identified, and held liable.

Reduce Comparative Negligence Liability in Clifton, NJ Injury Claims

The idea of comparative negligence is a key component of many Passaic County accident and injury claims. Comparative negligence is the concept that injured parties can sometimes be partially responsible for their injuries, and the total amount they recover is reduced by the percentage of liability they are found to have.

So if you are involved in an auto accident with a reckless driver, but you were not wearing your seat-belt, the total amount you recover will often be reduced by whatever percentage of fault you are found to have.

A Clifton personal injury attorney will be able to protect you from being assigned more fault than is accurate, and ensure that you recover the compensation you need and deserve even if you were partially responsible for your accident and resulting injuries.

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At The Law Office of Fredson and Statmore, our attorneys have extensive experience helping clients across Wayne, Clifton, Paterson, West Milford, and the greater Passaic County area recover full and fair compensation in personal injury cases of all kinds.

We operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning our firm assumes all of the costs associated with your claims process, and only take reimbursement and payment when we make you a recovery. This allows many of our clients critical financial breathing room during the claims process, when family finances may already be stretched thin due to medical costs or lost wages.

As already noted, the expense of hiring a personal injury attorney will almost always be offset by the greater settlement they will be able to achieve for you, and the many multi-million dollar verdicts our firm has already achieved for our clients can attest to this fact.

To speak with our personal injury law firm today in a free and confidential consultation regarding your needs and concerns in any personal injury matter, please contact us online.