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Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents: Salem County Crash On I-295

During an early evening on a recent Friday in February, vehicles on the I-295 had to pass by yet another fatal accident scene. Very little information regarding the accident was available immediately. However, once again, the tragic effect of fatal motor vehicle accidents on New Jersey highways became evident to the slow passing traffic.

According to official reports, a northbound vehicle crossed over the center of the highway into oncoming traffic. The vehicle crashed into another vehicle in the southbound lane. It is reported that someone died on the scene, as one of the vehicles was covered by authorities with a tarp, while a truck was lying on its side. People from the respective vehicles had to be transported to a hospital in the vicinity.

Little else is known about the accident. It is unclear what caused the northbound vehicle to swerve into the southbound lane. However, should negligence be documented by an investigation, the seriously injured victims may elect to file a personal injury claim for monetary damages. Furthermore, should one of the accident survivors be deemed negligent in causing the accident, the legal estate of the deceased may choose to initiate a wrongful death claim against that party.

In New Jersey, the surviving families of any victims of fatal motor vehicle accidents have the potential for legal redress in a civil courtroom. In such a claim, financial damages for wrongful death may be awarded upon proper proof of negligence. Should the claim be successful, the families may find that any money awarded could provide them with some relief as they struggle through an understandably difficult time.

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