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Families May File Wrongful Death Claims After Alleged Negligence

New Jersey drivers may not always recognize their responsibility when they have passengers in their vehicles. It is the duty of a vehicle operator to drive in a manner that will not endanger the lives of his or her passengers. A tragic accident that recently occurred in Freehold Township may lead to wrongful death claims.

Authorities reported an accident involving three vehicles, which occurred on a recent afternoon. According to the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, a vehicle carrying two passengers was southbound on a local roadway when the driver apparently crossed over into the northbound lanes. The vehicle crashed into an SUV, and the force of the collision apparently caused the SUV to become airborne. The SUV only came to a halt when it landed on the roof of a sedan.

It was reported that both passengers and the driver of the car that crossed lanes on the roadway lost their lives, along with the SUV driver. The sedan driver apparently suffered severe head injuries and was transported to the hospital where his condition was reported to be critical. As with other car accidents where fatalities occurred, an accident investigation to establish the circumstances that lead to the tragedy is ongoing, and witnesses were asked to contact authorities.

Although the cause of this accident has not yet been officially determined, investigations may establish negligence on the part of the driver who crossed over the center line. The families of those who lost their lives in this tragic accident are entitled to pursue recovery of damages incurred. They retain the right to file wrongful death claims in a New Jersey civil court — even if the victims were passengers in the vehicle of a driver who is suspected of causing the accident. The claims for compensation would typically be filed against the estate of the alleged negligent driver.

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