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Auto Product Liability Suit Possible In New Jersey Car Accident

Most New Jersey parents worry about their children once they become teenagers and start driving on their own. The chance that a young, inexperienced driver will make a mistake is always a possibility. When one compounds that fact with the possibility that something could also go wrong with the car, known as auto product liability, the worry is magnified tenfold.

Those worries came true for two sets of parents whose sons were injured in a car accident after a recent high school basketball game. Both boys were members of the basketball team. They were leaving the game with some of their friends when their car went across the center line and into oncoming traffic. Initial reports indicate there may have been a malfunction with the steering wheel immediately prior to the accident occurring.

One of the boys suffered a broken pelvis. The other teen suffered a fractured leg and swelling of the brain. He was placed in a medically-induced coma to facilitate healing. No update on either boy’s condition was available at the time of this report.

New Jersey officials continue to investigate the cause of this accident. It is not yet known if the steering wheel malfunctioned and caused the wreck to occur. An auto product liability claim against a car manufacturer and/or other parties deemed responsible for the care and maintenance of a motor vehicle may be appropriate when injuries suffered in an accident are attributable to a vehicle malfunction. If that is found to be true in this case, a successful outcome could help the boys’ parents cover both current medical expenses and any they may incur in the future.

Source: nj.com, Boys basketball: Two Union Catholic players hospitalized after car accident, Jeremy Schneider, Jan. 18, 2014