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Auto Product Liability Case May Answer Questions For Many

The lives of a family were changed irrevocably in Oct. 2009, when a 20-year-old father of twins was killed in a car accident during broad daylight. The family, who has had many unanswered questions concerning the accident, may now find some answers. In mid-February, GM recalled some compact cars — including the Chevrolet Cobalt. This move has opened the doors for possibleauto product liability cases against the auto manufacturer across the United States, including New Jersey.

According to the victim’s mother, her son was on his way to work when his vehicle crossed the highway from his lane into oncoming traffic at approximately 2:30 p.m. A car coming from the other direction stuck his 2006 Chevy Cobalt. This accident resulted in his death and injured eight other people.

Although there is no guarantee that the cause of the accident claiming the life of this young father can be ascribed to the problems identified by GM with the specific vehicles, the matter bears investigation. In its notice of recall GM indicated that the cars being recalled, including the Chevrolet Cobalt, need to have the ignition switch fixed. In the recall notice, GM stated the problem relates to the ignition switch, which enables the key to switch to the ‘off’ or ‘accessory’ position. This, in turn, turns the engine of the car off and shuts down the majority of the electrical parts. When the key turns to the ‘accessory’ position, drivers may feel as if they have lost control of the car.

The deceased’s mother feels that GM may have been hiding information, regarding defects in the car, which could have saved her son’s life. According to her, she had taken the car in to have the ignition problem fixed, but the problem was not completely resolved. The family is not the only ones with a possible auto product liability claim. At least 12 fatal accidents across the United States have been ascribed to the problematic ignition switch. Families in New Jersey, who believe that they may be in a similar position as the twelve families, may elect to institute an auto product liability claim against the company.

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