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Auto-Pedestrian Accidents Due To Too Few Precautions

Enraged residents, mostly from the Latino community, called for action from New Jersey officials after an accident occurred in early May that involved a boy, age 6, and two girls, both 14 years old. The incident at the city council meeting came a day after a city official’s vehicle hit the three children crossing the road on their way home from school. According to one New Brunswick resident, there are often auto-pedestrian accidents on Livingston Avenue, where the three New Jersey children were hit.

It is reported that the fire director who hit the children was travelling in a city-owned SUV. The accident is under investigation. All three children were injured and had to be transported to a nearby hospital. According to a representative from the hospital, the injuries suffered by the children were not life-threatening, but did include a possible head injury and broken bones.

Residents made their feelings clear at a city council meeting, calling for safer road conditions, the construction of speed humps and more crossing guards. Hundreds of people gathered at the meeting, including children, parents and other concerned residents. They all have had enough of speeding drivers who show little or no concern for pedestrians. A clear message was sent to the city officials protect the children by employing more crossing guards.

Should the investigation into the accident mentioned indicate that either the driver or the New Jersey city has acted negligently, the families of the three children may choose to file personal injury claims against the negligent parties. In such claims, victims of auto-pedestrian accidents may be awarded financial damages upon proper proof of negligence. Should the claims be successful, the victims and their families may find that any money awarded could provide them with some relief as they struggle through an understandably difficult time.

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