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Auto-Pedestrian Accidents Can Be Devastating

The lives of a married New Jersey couple were irrevocably changed during the early evening on a Sunday in early February. The husband and wife were hit by a car that was operated by a fellow resident of the town. This incident illustrates the devastation brought about by auto-pedestrian accidents.

The incident happened as the couple was crossing the road at an intersection in their New Jersey hometown. The female victim was seriously injured and had to be transported to a nearby hospital. She passed away due to the severity of her injuries three days later. Little is known regarding the extent of the injuries suffered by her husband.

This fatal accident is still being investigated. However, should the investigation prove negligence on the part of the male vehicle operator, a civil wrongful death claim may be instituted by the family of the deceased. Furthermore, should the injuries suffered by the spouse of the deceased be serious in nature, a personal injury claim may also be instituted.

In New Jersey, victims of auto-pedestrian accidents may have the right to seek compensation for their pain and suffering by means of a civil suit. The victim of this accident may elect to file a personal injury claim. Monetary damages awarded from a successful claim could help the victim better cope with medical bills, rehabilitation costs and any lost wages due to missing time from work. Furthermore, due to the passing of his wife, the husband may elect to file a wrongful death claim. A successful wrongful death claim may assist in providing monetary relief to the family during this difficult time.

Source: Westfield NJ News – The Alternative Press, Pedestrian Dies After Being Struck by Car on Sunday Night in Westfield, Sara Carpien, Feb. 6, 2014