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A Wrongful Death Claim After A Fatal Car Crash Can Be Tricky

No driver or passenger is ever completely safe on the road. Almost on a weekly basis you may read or hear of someone severely injured or killed in a car crash in New Jersey. Often these motor vehicle accidents can be blamed on the negligent actions of one of the parties.

Victims seriously injured in an accident caused by negligence have the right to file a personal injury claim, while families who have lost someone in a fatal accident may choose to file a wrongful death claim. When it comes to filing a wrongful death claim, there are many specific legal rules that have to be followed. Not just anybody can file a wrongful death claim and specific time frames apply. An attorney can help you develop a legally sound wrongful death claim.

It is typically best to obtain legal advice from an experienced and local firm with a proven record of trial success. Any procedural mistakes made by a less experienced person can result in a client receiving no compensation or an award smaller than it should be. A layperson may also not consider everything the family is entitled to claim, such as counseling and future earnings.

Victims of a car crash and their families in New Jersey need someone who understands the hardships they face and who will do everything possible to make the process stress-free. Our firm has been serving clients for more than 40 years. For more information on your legal rights in a wrongful death claim, please visit our web page.