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10 Most Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents Part II

In part one of this article series, we discussed five of the most common types of motorcycle accidents, as well as some tips for preventing such an accident from happening to you. In today’s article, we continue on with five more common accident types. Be sure to read that article as well! In it, we covered:

  1. Drinking under the influence
  2. Speeding
  3. Lane splitting
  4. Left-turning accidents
  5. Head-on collisions

In today’s post, we will be covering five more common situations for motorcycle accidents and what you can do to prevent them happening to you. However, sometimes you may end up injured in a motorcycle accident, despite all your safety precautions. When this occurs, it’s a good idea to speak with a legal professional about what your options are in your specific situation. If you are in New Jersey and want to speak with a team with 50 years experience fighting to ensure people get the full and fair compensation they deserve from their personal injury claim, call Fredson Statmore Bitterman LLC for your free, confidential consultation.

Speak with one of our motorcycle-accident-specialized New Jersey personal injury lawyers for free to get the answers you need to determine what is the best legal course of action for you to take in your unique situation. Whether or not your insurance company is playing hardball with you, it is in their inherent business interest to minimize what you receive from a personal injury claim. To counteract their inherent interest and subsequent army-sized legal team looking for ways to minimize your claim, get a shield and a sword of your own by hiring New Jersey’s leading motorcycle accident lawyers to defend you, file your claim optimally, make your case stronger, and negotiate in your interest with other parties. The burden of a personal injury due to a motorcycle accident shouldn’t also be accompanied by the burden of mountains of paperwork and the need for careful legal study on your own. Hire Fredson Statmore Bitterman LLC and get peace of mind knowing that your case is in the best possible legal hands for this kind of work in the state. And the best part? You don’t have to pay a penny until we have successfully gotten you what you deserve out of your personal injury claim.

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5 More Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Continuing on from last time, here are five more of the most common types of motorcycle accidents that you should be aware of — as awareness is the first step in prevention.

#1: Corner-Turning Accidents

Even though motorcycles are designed to give the driver a lot of control, correcting any errors on a turn can be difficult. What is more, going around a corner can be dangerous due to the risk of hitting patches of debris, water, sand, etc. and sliding out of control, leading to a wipeout. You can also easily wipe out if you misjudge how tight a corner is and take it too fast. Wipe-outs are not uncommon on New Jersey’s twisting roads, especially when there are elevation changes, due to how that can limit your ability to see what’s coming next. Turning a corner too hard or fast can cause a motorcyclist to crash and lead to injuries or could even be fatal.

To avoid getting in this kind of motorcycle crash, one of the most important things you can do is to slow down. Speeding puts you at a much greater risk for getting in a crash. Another important thing to look out for is road signs. Make sure you know what all the different road signs mean. However, your safest bet is to stay slow around corners and only ride as fast as you are able to while giving yourself enough time to react to potential obstacles.

If you do get in a motorcycle accident while taking a turn too quickly, it’s important to stay calm and trust your bike. Don’t slam on the breaks if you find yourself sliding out — remain calm and ride it out.

#2: Mechanical Problems

Sometimes a motorcycle accident is not due to driver error, whether the motorcycle rider or another vehicle’s. Sometimes an accident may be caused by mechanical failure of the motorcycle. When injuries occur in such instances, the victim has the right to bring a lawsuit for full, fair personal injury compensation. If you have hit your head on the pavement due to a mechanical problem, you may need to hire a concussion lawyer to make sure your personal injury claim is as successful as possible.

There are countless types of mechanical problems and defects that can cause a serious motorcycle accident. For example:

  • The throttle gets broken or struck
  • The breaks are bad
  • The steering mechanism is broken
  • The chain is broken or slipped out
  • The terminals and connectors are corroded
  • And many more

There are many potential issues that could easily lead to a motorcycle accident. Many defects can and should be fixed by the motorcycle owner, however sometimes problems are the direct result of defective design or construction. In such cases, injured parties may want to file a product liability suit against the manufacturer for damages. If you want help deciding if this is the right course of action for you, you should speak with an experienced accident attorney to determine what is the best way of handling your specific situation. If you are in or around New Jersey and need a motorcycle accident attorney, reach out to Fredson Statmore Bitterman LLC to schedule your free consultation today!

#3: Accidents Caused By Dangerous Road Conditions

One cause of an accident may be the internal conditions of your motorcycle — how it is working mechanically — while another common cause of accidents is bad external conditions. This can include things like old, crumbly pavement, potholes, lack of road signals, and wet or snowy roads. One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is icy, snowy, and wet roads, as traction is not as assured on a motorcycle as it is on a car.

Avoiding accidents related to dangerous road conditions largely comes down to the driver. Avoid going for motorcycle rides in inclement weather. Simple as that. However, if you do end up getting injured in a motorcycle accident due to dangerous road conditions, filing a personal injury claim may involve arguing that the regional road governing body is at least partially responsible for causing the accident. If you are going to make such a case successfully, you will need all the help you can get. Fredson Statmore Bitterman LLC has over 50 years experience as motorcycle accident lawyers, so we have the experience and expertise you need to produce as favorable a result for your personal injury claim as possible. Contact us today to schedule your free, confidential consultation.

#4: Riding in Convoy

Riding with other motorcyclists in a convoy can be great fun, and looks pretty cool as well. However, it also can be very risky, as it takes a lot of concentration and focus to stay attuned to everyone else’s speeds and positioning. If you are going to ride in a convoy, make sure it’s at least with people you know and trust to be safe, reliable riders, as one person’s mistake at the front of the convoy could lead to serious consequences for everyone behind them.

#5: Car Doors Opening

Last on our list of common causes of motorcycle accidents is the sudden opening of a car door. Motorcycle accidents attributable to this are most common in places like narrow lanes with cars parked along the side and in parking lots, where car passengers are getting out of their vehicle without being aware of the oncoming motorcycle. Depending on how fast the motorcyclist is going when they hit a car door, the door may get blasted off entirely.

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