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1 Fatality, 3 Injuries In New Jersey Car Accident

One person was killed and three more injured during an accident on a recent Wednesday morning in New Jersey. It is reported that the car accident happened around 11 a.m. Only one car was involved in the accident.

According to the traffic authorities, the driver of a sedan lost control of the car on the highway and skidded off the New Jersey turnpike. The car then travelled through some vegetation ending up in a parking lot. It hit two other parked cars, then overturned and finally came to a stop. Two people were flown to a hospital in the vicinity by a State Police helicopter.

The accident is still under investigation and it is not clear what led to the driver losing control of the vehicle. It is also not yet clear if the driver is one of the injured or perhaps the deceased. Only time will tell. Should the outcome of the investigation point to possible negligence on the part of the driver, the other parties may decide to institute civil claims.

In New Jersey, seriously injured victims of a car accident may choose to file a personal injury claim. Successfully litigated personal injury claims may provide for the reimbursement of monetary damages. Monetary damages awarded from a successfully litigated claim could help the victims better cope with medical bills, rehabilitation costs and any lost wages due to missing time from work. Furthermore, the legal estate of a deceased victim may elect to pursue a wrongful death claim. Claims for financial losses, such as funeral and burial costs, against the party whose negligent actions are deemed to have caused or contributed to the fatal accident may be made.

Source: nj.com, “1 dead, 3 injured after car flies off Turnpike“, Katie Lannan, June 24, 2015