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When A Safety Device Inflicts Severe Injuries

Many Americans are driving around confident that they will be protected by the airbags installed as safety devices in their cars. However, this may not be the case. It is reported that the defective airbags, made by the Japanese Takata Corporation, explode in a collision and can themselves cause severe injuries and even death. Despite a recall of vehicles with the airbags, motorists in New Jersey may be driving with a defective airbag in their car, as our state is not specifically included in the recall.

Cars from nine car manufacturers have been recalled. However, the recall is done regionally and only includes nine states and two United States territories. However, a spokesperson for the Center for Auto Safety expressed concern about the recall, especially as two states in which fatalities occurred are not included.

Documentation shows that the first awareness of the problem was in 2004. Honda became aware of the problem then, and in 2008, they recalled approximately 4000 cars. Since then, approximately 11 million cars have been recalled. Some say that the number should be much higher.

An auto product liability claim against a car manufacturer and/or other parties responsible for the care and maintenance of a motor vehicle may be appropriate when injuries suffered in an accident are attributable to a vehicle malfunction. New Jersey victims of motor vehicle accidents who suffered severe injuries due to an airbag malfunction may choose to file an auto product liability claim against the company and/or others in the consumer supply chain. Doing so may allow accident victims (or the families of those victims who lost their lives), the opportunity to achieve a monetary judgment for damages sustained.

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