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Truck Accidents In NJ Suburbs: A Troubling Phenomenon

A recent fatal accident between an 18-wheeler and a child on a bike is just one more incident pointing to an issue that has been troubling New Jersey suburb residents for the last 20 years. It seems that semi-truck drivers leave the interstate and follow routes through residential areas. Truck accidents like the one that killed an 13-year-old boy during the middle of June is a clear example of the danger these big vehicles pose when driving through suburbs.

It was reported that the boy was riding his bike to school when he was involved in collision with an 18-wheeler. The accident happened on a street corner only a few blocks away from two of the schools in the area. The accident is still under investigated by the authorities, and many questions still need answers. However, this accident underscores what can happen when the smallest vehicle on our roads collide with the biggest.

The residents in more and more New Jersey towns are making their voices heard on the matter. They want greater oversight when it comes to huge trucks in residential areas. It seems that truck drivers make use of local, residential routes to avoid rising tolls and road construction, which can endanger local residents. Truck drivers often ignore laws pertaining to weight and traffic restrictions on residential streets; they also use the excuse they were making a delivery or blame their GPS devices for sending them into residential areas.

The truck driver involved in the accident with the 13-year-old used his GPS as an excuse, but he still received a ticket from traffic authorities for violating the weight restrictions. Truck accidents such as this one should not happen in residential areas. Apart from the traffic fine, the truck driver may also find that he has to face a civil claim. The parents of the deceased boy may decide to pursue a wrongful death claim. Should a New Jersey court find that the truck driver acted negligently by using a local route, financial damages may be awarded.

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