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The Dangers Of Recalled Rental Cars Causing Personal Injury

After numerous recalls resulting from auto defects over recent months, many New Jersey vehicle owners may have experienced the effects of such announcements. While acting upon recalls to ensure the safety of their families, motorists who make use of rental cars may be concerned about their safety and the rental company’s policies related to recalled cars. It may be wise to question the company about this issue prior to renting a vehicle that might have been recalled and can result in an accident causing severe personal injury.

After the fiery death of two sisters in a 2004 accident when their recalled rental car caught fire as the result of a defect, a law to address this issue was proposed in 2012. However, it has been determined that the probability of it being enacted was only 14 percent. Research showed that most rental companies have no clear policy regarding recalled vehicles.

Motorists may want to ensure the status of a vehicle prior to renting it; however, it is not uncommon for rental companies to supply a different car than the one it quoted on. Many companies list their vehicles in classes such as “compact” or “intermediate,” which may include a variety of makes and models. This makes it difficult for a client to predetermine the safety of the vehicle. Consumers may also want to take note of the fine print on the documents of rental companies, which often include the words “or similar” when referring to the car you will be renting.

Motorists in New Jersey, who have suffered injuries — or lost loved ones — in an accident resulting from defects in a rented vehicle, may be unsure of how to pursue the recovery of damages. They may benefit from consulting with amotor vehicle accident attorney who can assess the accident details and determine the viability of a personal injury or wrongful death claim in a civil court. Their thorough investigation and proper presentation in court may lead to full and fair compensation for expenses that were brought about by the accident.

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