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Seeing A Lawyer After A Motorcycle Accident — What To Expect?

New Jersey laws allows for victims seriously injured in an accident to file for damages suffered as a result. In a personal injury case, damages may be awarded by the court if the evidence shows that negligence was the root cause of the motorcycle accident. The question is – what can you, as a victim, expect when meeting with a personal injury lawyer for the first time?

During the first meeting, the lawyer needs to hear what exactly transpired. The lawyer may ask a lot of questions as it is necessary to get all the relevant information. Depending on how well prepared you are and how complex the case is, the first interview may be lengthy or relatively short.

During the first consultation, the lawyer may allow you to first tell your story. Then you may have to answer many questions. You may not like all the questions asked, and some may be more difficult to answer than others, but it is very important that the lawyer knows all the facts to ensure the best advice and solutions are offered for your case. Then your lawyer may spend some time collecting all the necessary information relevant to the accident and/or your injuries.

In order to gather all relevant information, you may be asked to sign a consent form allowing that your medical records may be given to your lawyer. You may also have to answer questions about lasting effects of injuries. Your lawyer may also ask questions about your insurance coverage.

Although a first consultation may be difficult, you should not allow this to deter you from consulting a lawyer. Personal injury claims after a motorcycle accident can be very complex, and that is why consulting a New Jersey personal injury lawyer can be beneficial. By consulting a lawyer, you will have a clear idea of what to expect and what to do to ensure your claim is dealt with fairly.

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