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Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents Claim Lives Of Teenagers

On a recent Friday night, the lives of two families were irrevocably changed. Two teenagers from Wayne who were travelling together were involved in an accident in New Jersey. The accident happened just after 6.30 p.m. Fatal motor vehicle accidents, like this one, leave the families of those who are injured or killed feeling devastated.

The two boys were traveling on Alps Road when the driver lost control of his vehicle. The eastbound vehicle crossed over the center of the road and then collided with a vehicle traveling west. The second vehicle was operated by an individual from Paterson. Both the teen boys had to be disentangled from the wreckage by rescue workers. They were transported to a nearby medical center together.

The passenger, aged 17, suffered extensive injuries and passed away just over an hour after the accident. The deceased teenager’s identity was not immediately made public as his family had to be informed. The accident is still under investigation and traffic police from Wayne County are requesting witnesses of the accident, who can provide more information regarding the accident, to come forward.

Should it be proven that the 17-year-old driver was negligent and therefore significantly contributed to the accident, the deceased victim’s family may elect to pursue a civil claim against the alleged negligent driver, his parents or the owner of the vehicle in order to recoup damages. Families in New Jersey who have lost loved ones in fatal motor vehicle accidents may have the right to seek compensation for their pain and suffering by means of a civil suit. A successful wrongful death claim may assist in providing monetary relief to the family during a difficult time.

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